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01 - Seattle Interior Design

The Home Refined is a boutique interior design firm based in Seattle, Washington. My signature blend of fresh, understated luxury combined with timeless functionality is designed to achieve one purpose: to make your space truly yours. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you’ve got going, I’ll help you create inviting spaces that are elegant yet livable. Whether it’s a new build or you’re remodeling, I will bring a whole new perspective that showcases your space in a new light.

My success comes from understanding that interior design isn’t just about changing your home; it’s about bringing out the best in you. Which is why my personalized design process focuses on reflecting your personality through timeless designs that have staying power. When you invite me into your home, I don’t just design, I get to know you. I work to understand your vision, your likes, your passion. And I work with you from concept to completion, translating your vision into reality.


02 - Recent Work

My design philosophy is simple: everyone should have a well-designed home, and their home should be uniquely personal. Which is why I cater to a wide range of clients, from high-end luxury residences with a healthy budget, to small rental apartments with a budget to match.

I find continuous inspiration in each client’s story and in the art, design, and architecture that surrounds them. I love to tap into the many wonderful resources for home design – everything from antique shops to big-box retailers, to custom furniture to consignment shops - that appeal to both high-end design clients and the budget conscious.


I pride myself on being involved in every project, ensuring that each client enjoys a personal service specifically designed for them.

I believe that ultimately, your space should tell your story in a way that gives you pleasure, and without undue stress that many have come to associate with home design. Whether you want a traditional design or a contemporary one, I’ll work together with you to create a house that you’ll love coming home to.


03 - Clients


I had the opportunity to work with Ashley on two different projects in my home.  I had a space over my garage that served as a storage area.  My main floor was covered in toys and I was tripping on Legos on a daily basis.  Ashley worked her magic, turning the space into an amazing playroom.  She has the ability to see what can be in a space that I thought was wasted.  Now, my little boy plays for hours in his playroom with a reading nook, two lego tables, and space for board games on the floor.  And the best of all....I'm not tripping on Legos.

Ashley also came to my rescue when it came time to sell my home.  I decided to stay living in the home while up for sale.  Again, Ashley was able to see what I couldn't amongst the array of my belongings.  Furniture and paintings were moved.  Rooms brightened with new bedding, and accents moved to where they could be most enjoyed.  I learned how important lighting was in this process!  Now I am living in my home as it is up for sale, and I love it so much I don't want to sell it!!  I can wholeheartedly say that I will be contacting Ashley for my next home.  Her impeccable taste, staunch professionalism, and most of all her delightful personality are a rarity.

                                                                                                                                                           - Jen in Seward Park

Ashley has helped us whip our home, which we decorated over the years in fits and starts, into a cohesive, welcoming, charming, and smart space. She took the time to understand what we want, value and hope for in a space. We marveled over her ability to see our living room in shapes and textures and to find pieces that helped balance out what was a lot of rectangles and dark wood, into a brighter, cozier room. She is also comfortable talking about cost, budget, etc., and for any given job can present a few different price options and also can tell you where its better to save vs.spend. Over the years, she has helped us with our living room, dining room, offices, and outdoor patio space. We could sum it all up by saying that Ashley has helped us figure out our own style and helped us choose pieces that feel like us, not like a hotel lobby or something out of a magazine.

                                                                                                                                                           - Megan in Madrona


04 - Services


Listing Prep

Let’s face it, selling your home can be stressful. Not only are you having to deal with the often-difficult decision to sell, you also face uncertainties about the sale itself. Will it sell for the price you’re hoping for? How long will it stay on the market before it sells? Who should you work with to get the sale through? “House anxiety” is a real thing!


The easiest way to overcome that anxiety is to prep your house, making sure it puts its best foot forward from the day the sign goes up. That’s where The Home Refined comes in. I can give your house that “show home” appeal that garners the kind of interest you want and brings in the offers you were hoping for.


Space Planning

Inspiration hits you suddenly. Or maybe it’s been brewing for a while. No matter. All you know is you’d like to update your home. Refresh your space. Get new furniture. A new sofa maybe. Or perhaps it’s the dining furniture that needs to go so you can make space for a bigger, better set that lets you entertain the way you like. Maybe it’s just that feeling of discontent you feel every time you walk into your bedroom.


Somehow your space doesn’t feel right, and something definitely isn’t working, but you can’t put your finger on it. I can. Years of experience in transforming spaces has given me a discerning eye that sees a room’s potential hidden behind wrong furniture, wrong layout or mismatched pieces that just don’t speak to each other.


Moving In

Congratulations, you bought a new house!  It’s the best feeling in the world. But then the euphoria wears off once you get to the part where you need to figure out what to keep, where each piece of furniture should go, where to hang art work, etc. This can take weeks. And the indecision can be frustrating.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, my Moving In services takes the pain out of the process. I will help you cull items you no longer need, or are not a fit for your new space. I take a professional approach to furniture placement and the display of your art collection, whether that be kid art or heirloom oil paintings. In setting up your furniture, I maximize focal points and flow.  It’s your space after all, and my goal is to ensure that your space truly reflects who you are.


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